History and Philosophy 

of Logic

Zoe McConaughey

PhD dissertation

« Aristotle, science and the dialectician’s activity. A dialogical approach to Aristotle’s logic »

In my dissertation, I promote a dialogical interpretation of Aristotle’s syllogistic through a historical approach and I provide a full formal reconstruction of Aristotle’s assertoric syllogistic in the modern dialogical framework of «Immanent Reasoning». This framework is a variant of Lorenzen and Lorenz’s dialogical logic which integrates Per Martin-Löf’s «Constructive Type Theory». 

Best dissertation award by the DVMLG.

The DVMLG organizes a biannual meeting called the Colloquium Logicum during which the best  PhD candidates of the last years are invited to present their research. 

Invitation to speak in the PhD Colloquium can be considered to be the German "best PhD dissertation award" and comes with a  signed document that confirms this status handed out after the presentation.


zoe.mc-conaughey [at] univ-lille.fr

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